Blog Intake Form

Blog Branding Overview

Please describe your audience. Please include: Age range, Geographic location, Education, Income, Interests, Gender, Hopes and concerns, and any other audience information that will be helpful.
Write a short statement about the type of "culture" you envision creating with your blog and how you hope to see readers and your community interact with your blog. This can include tone, appearance, personality and special customs.

Blog Content Strategy

Categories are the various topics that your content can be divided into. These are usually general topics that often relate back to your business and the services or products that you specialize in. These are the areas that you hope to be considered an expert in and build a following around.
The difference between categories and tags - 'Food' would be a category, where 'rice' or 'chocolate' would be a tag on a post in the 'food' category.
Styles might include; instructional, informational, opinion, personality, video, audio, guest posts, etc

Blog Discovery and goals - Information

If your goal is to publish 2-3 times a week, then you should have 8-12 content ideas per month. Alternately, you could plan 4 content series per month, as long as each series will allow you to post 2-3 times per topic.
Example: If your primary goal is to grow your email subscriber base, you should have at least 50% of your CTAs each month going to an opt-in form for your newsletter. That opt-in could be for a lead generator incentive (free report, ebook, etc.) that is related to the content in your post or just a general call to join your community for updates and announcements.